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Making Conversions is Simple

Targeted Traffic + Great Ad Copy = High Ranking Sales

It’s a simple formula that is proven again and again to create results. Without good writing that sells the customers, it just is a high traffic site with little to no profits to show for it. At Traffic Game Plan, we know what sells. The right writing can create the total package that makes people want to buy.

Advertising copy requires a deep understanding of what motivates people to pay attention and take action.

We will tailor your ad copy campaign by focusing on these elements of excellent ad copy:

  • High Attention! With all the stimulus on today’s internet, it can take a lot to get the reader’s attention. Our proven writing elements, whether in the headline, layout, or graphics grab the reader.
  • Promise of Benefit. By reading your website, the reader is promised that a benefit will result and their life will be better for visiting your site.
  • Credibility. Our ads are believable and are proven to be instantly trusted.
  • Persuasiveness. Our ad copy writers know how to sell and create that need for your service.
  • Interest. By focusing the reader’s attention, we know how to get your message across to drive sales.
  • Desire. They will want to buy what you are selling.
  • Action. Proven, clear, and concise words that will drive your readers to click.

We design creative written campaigns around basic tested psychological motivators that produce results.  By focusing and driving the customer in, we will get you sales along with getting you to the front of Google.

Contact us for a free quote, and let our writers design a tailored campaign for you.


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