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There are only two factors in how high a website ranks in Google:

On-Page Optimization (“The Website”)

Off-Page Optimization (“Link Building”)

Often times clients will come to us asking for only link building. While one of the primary services we perform is link building, we do not perform link building only campaigns.

Simply looking to add backlinks to your site is like going into a car dealership and buying just an engine.

Here is how we treat most SEO campaigns (in this order):

1. Domain Penalty Check
2. Domain Age Check
3. Backlink Penalty Check
4. Current Backlink Analysis
5. Total Website Analysis and Duplicate Content Checks
6. Keyword Density Check
7. Word Count Check
8. Conversion Optimization
9. (Optional) Adwords Campaign to Test Conversion Rates
10. Keyword Analysis
11. Competitive Analysis
12. More Keyword Analysis
13. More Competitive Analysis
14. Keyword Density, Word Count, and Site Content Optimization
15. Long Term Link Bait Analysis
16. Link Building

There are so many factors that go into an SEO campaign. Linkbuilding is one of the most important factors by far, but it will simply not work if everything else doesn’t line up.

If you’ve ever been seriously involved with an SEO campaign, you’ll see that link building is the most effective method of getting a website ranked at the top of Google. In fact, many times we rank client sites in about 2-3 weeks once link building has started.

But…If you’ve ever watched the space shuttle take off, it would be easy to think that launching a rocket that big takes only a few seconds.

In reality, years of work went into getting that rocket off the ground.

It takes far longer to setup the “launch” of a website than it does to watch the site rise up in the search engines and make serious money.

It would be tempting to charge clients a few dollars, do some link building, and call it a day. But that’s not what builds successful businesses for our clients, so we don’t do it.

At Traffic Game Plan, we only offer full-service SEO campaigns that take into account every feature of your business, website, and marketing plan.

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