Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the largest and most sophisticated Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform on the market today.

The Google search engine controls 82% of searches on the Internet!

And you can tap directly into that traffic…

Search Engine Market Share
Search Engine Market Share in March 2012(Data courtesy of

Google Adwords includes paid Ads on the right side and above “Organic” searches on Google Search. Adwords also includes 100,000+ sites on the Google Content Network, known to site owners as “Adsense” advertising. Adwords also controls several other partner search engines.

A properly built and optimized Google Adwords campaign can get your website or message in front of 70% or more of the total online market. That’s powerful.

More importantly, Adwords allows you to control every aspect of the campaign.

You pick exactly which keywords you want, which websites you want to target, which age groups will see the ads, which genders will see the ads, and even which type of computer (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet) will see your message.

You can drill down to extreme detail:

Your message will only show up for the keyword [Email Marketing] to Men Age 55+ on Verizon Smartphones searching Google Search from 8 am to 5 pm. Bidding will be $20 Cost-Per-Action based on vistors who actually convert!

Or you can go as large as possible and gather as many visitors as you can. Anything is possible.

There are 2 primary goals of an Adwords campaign:

  • Generate Positive Return-On-Investment (ROI) – We want to turn $100 into $200 over and over again. Making money is the primary goal.
  • Gain Insight about your Market – Which keywords convert the highest and make you money? Which age groups buy your product? Do men or women buy your product more often? What Ad Texts drive prospects to visit your site? Adwords can tell you who your market is, how they find you, and what makes them buy. This direct response data can be powerful when applied to other marketing campaigns such as radio, television, magazines, SEO, and Social Media.

There is a right and wrong way to build and maintain an adwords campaign. An improperly optimized Adwords campaign with low starting bids or a low quality score can cause long term impacts on future Adwords spend. The initial mistakes cause bid prices to stay high and keep you from making money. We call this the Adwords Death Spiral.

On the other hand, a properly optimized Adwords campaign can make money from Day 1 and provide incredible insights into your customers. It allows you to trade $100 for $200 over and over again.

You don’t need to pull your hair out managing your own Adwords campaign. Let our Adwords experts build and maintain your campaign. You can focus on running your business. We’ll keep track of everything on a micro-level and update you with detailed reports so you can make the large decisions and grab the maximum profit possible for every advertising dollar.

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