Twitter Advertising

Tweet About It.

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform on the planet. is #9 on Alexa’s list of most trafficked websites.

460,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day. On average, 140,000,000 tweets are sent per day.

And these numbers are growing exponentially.

Not only is Twitter a fantastic social media platform, it’s also a great marketing opportunity. With millions of people online every day, it’s easy than ever to get your message out to your audience.

Twitter has a built in targeting feature. When one twitter user follows another, the followed user’s tweets are shown on the follower’s homepage.

This allows you to build out a campaign, target people interested in your product or service, and constantly stay in touch with them. You can use the platform to not only drive visitors to your websites, but to test and track various messages. Certain headlines, for example, will get higher clickthroughs than others.

This shows exactly what you customers want, while driving them to your website and converting them to sales.

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