Webpage Ads

Webpage Ads

Webpage Ads are often known as “Media Buys”. These types of advertisements typically target a specific website that does NOT belong to a larger content network.

Though Webpage Ads pull in a smaller amount of traffic than Adwords or SEO, these Ads can be targeted to a very specific group of people. These people are often highly interested in your product or service, and will convert to buyers at a much higher rate than general traffic from search.

Let’s say you sell Car Audio Equipment. If your ad is placed on a Car Audio forum, the conversion rates can be significantly higher than other marketing mediums like a FaceBook or Twitter Ad.

In many cases, the small amount of targeted traffic from a single related site will result in more sales than the huge Social Media or SEO campaign!

Advertising your site on other websites involves several factors:

  • Designing and Building Ads
  • Finding Partner Sites
  • Negotiating Rates and Placement
  • Optimizing Ads
  • Tracking Statistics and ROI

Many of our clients find that their first Advertisement on a partner site is not making money. After we tweak a few variables and test the ad more times, we can often turn the campaign around and start to make serious money.

This is true on the campaign level as well. Media buys often need changes in multiple areas, including finding new partner sites and negotiating better rates, as well as cutting off unprofitable ads.

Webpage Ads can be a game changer for your business. We’ve seen clients take additional 5-figure and 6-figure revenue streams from carefully crafted media buys.

Let our team help build and manage your Website Ads and Media Buys today.

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