SEO Overview

Our core service at Traffic Game Plan is Search Engine Optimization. It’s not a gamble. SEO is a repeatable science to drive traffic to your website. We take your existing website, optimize the on-page, optimize the off-page, and slingshot traffic at your website. But, trust us, it’s not as confusing as it sounds.

On Page Optimization

The first step in the process is to optimize your on-page content. This includes things like making sure that you have a large enough article on your homepage to make the search engines happy. If you don’t have enough content, the search engine can’t figure out what your site is about and what you can provide their searchers. This also includes modifications at the code level to add search engine friendly tags to your code and images. Search engines use these tags as a sort of logic to figure out things like the content and intent of an image.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization can be even more tricky than the on page. With off page optimization, the goal is to shout at the search engine from different parts of the internet telling it that there is a lot of interest in what you have to offer. When done right in combination with on-page optimization, these techniques drive you up to the top of the search results.


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